Awarness program for 8A

Today we conducted an awareness program about the project Greening with Goethe for class 8A. We briefly explained about the harmful effects of CD's and the important of using CD's. We clicked some photos and raised out some question

Here are the questions as follows:

 1) How many CD's do you buy per month?
     10 CD's.

2) Approximately how many CD's are being dumped in your house?
     100 CD's.

3) What do you think are the alternatives to CD's?
     Pen drives.

4) Where do you throw your CD's?
    Recycling bin or dust bin.
Today(17th March) we conducted an awareness program to the students of class VIII-B and on (14th March) for VIII-C. Madhu,Shreya,Vaishali,Abiraami,Nithya and Niyaz explained the aims and objectives of the project Greening with Goethe. The blog which has been created by us were explained and the details about the interviews conducted by us were also explained. The harmful effects of the  CDs and the problems caused to the environment were explained. Then we had a question and answer session and the doubts were clarified. Then the following questions were asked :

1) How many CDs are used per month?
    6 cds.

2) Are you aware about the harmful effects of CDs?
    No, After the awareness program we are aware about the harmfulness.

3) What are the alternatives of CDs?
    Pendrives, hard disk etc....

4) Why are you using CDs than pendrives?
    We are getting Cds because the movies are available through CDs.

5) For what do you use CDs?
    To play games,watch movies and to hear music.

Awareness Program for 9th

As a continuation of our project Greening with Goethe, we conducted an awareness program for the students of class IX.
At the outset Abiraami & Nithya gave an overview of the project and explained what it was all about.
Abiraami & Nithya took turns to explain chronologically all the developments that had taken place. The students were told about the aims and objects of the project, the agency conducting the project, the visit to  Bremen by our students, the result of the conference. The subsequent interviews conducted by us and also about various awareness programs
The student were also told about the blog that has been created. The blog was actually shown and the contents there of was explained in great detail.
At the end of the session there was question/answer session and the details of the same are as follows;

1. How much CD's do you buy per year?
They told per month they buy about 25-30 CD's.

2. Do you call some one to take away the used CD's or do you just throw them away? Please tell us what do you do with the old CD's?
They told that they were not aware about the proper disposal of CD's, they just throw them away. They asked if there was any one or any agency which will take away the old CD's? We told them about an NGO Paper man and about the Kabadiwallas.

3. Are you aware of hazards created by CD's?
They told us no.

4. Are you aware of alternatives to CD's?
They told us, pen drives, Hard discs,etc. But they asked if these alternatives help?
We told them that one pen drives can store information in perhaps tens of or hundreds of CD's and can do away with CD's "once and for all".
These pen drives last longer than CD's and are less hazardous.
In the long run some alternatives for pen drives and hard disks may also be formed which may be even less polluting and hazardous.

5. Why are you buying CD's when you can buy pen drives?
They said "because pen drives are costlier and CD's are cheaper. Further we did not know that the CD's are so harmful"
At the end of the awareness program the students gave an assurance that they will not throw away or dump the CD's carelessly, but they will take efforts to put it in the blue e-waste bin especially created for it in our school and also told that they will take efforts to see that CD's are properly recycled.

Few pictures taken during the program are given below,

Awareness program in school for 5th, 6th, 7th

As a part of our Greening with Goethe program we wanted spread awareness among the students. On 4th and 5th  March we conducted an awareness program in our school for 5th ,6th and 7th std. First we asked the students  what are CD's ? There wasn't  any answer. We told them about the Manufacturing ,Usage , disposal , recycle and hazards of CD's . We briefly explained about the recycling and what would they do with the waste got when they are recycling the CD's .After we  finished the explanation they themselves told that they will get all the waste electronics to the school and drop them in the e waste bin which is kept in our school.
These were the question asked to students :
1)      Do you know what CD's are ?                                                                                                                       Yes we know.

2)      Why are CD's used for ?   
   They are use for seeing movies , listening to songs , moving data & playing games.

3)    How many CD's do you have at home?
  They answered that they have 10-15 CD's

4)    Do you use any alternatives of CD's ?
  Yes, we use but very rarely.

5)      What are those alternatives?

    Pen drives.

The pictures are given below,...