Today(17th March) we conducted an awareness program to the students of class VIII-B and on (14th March) for VIII-C. Madhu,Shreya,Vaishali,Abiraami,Nithya and Niyaz explained the aims and objectives of the project Greening with Goethe. The blog which has been created by us were explained and the details about the interviews conducted by us were also explained. The harmful effects of the  CDs and the problems caused to the environment were explained. Then we had a question and answer session and the doubts were clarified. Then the following questions were asked :

1) How many CDs are used per month?
    6 cds.

2) Are you aware about the harmful effects of CDs?
    No, After the awareness program we are aware about the harmfulness.

3) What are the alternatives of CDs?
    Pendrives, hard disk etc....

4) Why are you using CDs than pendrives?
    We are getting Cds because the movies are available through CDs.

5) For what do you use CDs?
    To play games,watch movies and to hear music.

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